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More and more organizations recognize the potential of their employees as a decisive strategic success factor and hence work with competency models.

We offer our clients solutions for those challenges. We are very strong in the following fields : - Food, Healthcare, Dairy-industry and Mashinery, Pharmacy.

We are Business Partner for human and entrepreneurial growth. We are professionals who support individuals in companies and organizations by searching the right people, recognizing and developing their potential. Have a look to our referencies - so you can get a Impression


Our solutions include:  competency modeling, Executiv search, selection process design, entry-level assessments, competency-based professional, management and sales assessments, leadership development, 360° feedback, succession planning, executive assessment and executive coaching.

You can choose between different solutions :

 Talentselection & Hiring Process  


Selection & Hiring Process

We find the right people for your can be sure !

Our process saves organizations time with job-specific, reasearch-validated assessments resulting in rapid, clear hiring recommendations that prioritize candidates according to their potential for success.


 People Development & Consulting solutions 


People Development

People Development is crucial to your company's sucess. Particulary today, it is imperative to develop existing talents with a focus on business objectives and growth opportuinities.


 Web -based Tools  


We are able to check the urgent competencies

Our tools are  state of the Art. We are using Assess & Insights. Our expertise and Web-based tools help ensure that you hire the best—quickly and efficiently. You choose the degree of customization and consultant involvement.








Assess Toolbox

As needed, our Systems like Assess conducts predictive validation studies—as sanctioned by the American Psychological Association (APA)—to ensure that talent assessments accurately predict on an ongoing basis.




Insights wheel

Success Insights’ DISC assessment provides great insight into a person’s behavioral style. With the added value of our Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, our reports help people understand how to effectively communicate and understand behavior in certain situations. Years of straightforward application and testing of every aspect has proven Success Insights Style Insights® to be the behavioral instrument you can trust.



For more information have also a look to our recruiting site   or  contact us.

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         Our Focus

Gössel Industrial Solutions "2011"

                is on people



Talentselection & Hiring Process


The most effective hiring decisions result from a multi-component search & selection process—a process that involves pre-screening, realistic job previews, testing, interviewing, and other components. We are specialized in designing this type of multi-component process and then using state-of-the-art technology to make it seamless and easy-to-use.


 People Development


People Devolopment


 Our people development expertise helps you grow and develop your people—your greatest competitive advantage.


    Web based tools 


For more than 25 years, our Systems has assessed millions

of people in a broad spectrum

 of industries and positions spanning 42 countries and supporting 16 languages.